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Corporate Internet Branding Strategies

At Sheffield Marketing, our services go far beyond just optimizing your web site. We offer a variety of internet marketing services that magnetize your web site to visitors on the search engine results pages (SERPS). We define your corporate identity, brand your company name, and establish a web presence and strategy for your company.

The purpose of our corporate branding strategy is to build a closer bond between you and your customers. Companies with successful brands earn greater trust from their customers, making them more likely to buy from them again without having to do as much future advertising. It's really about establishing you as an authority in your market, so you have a leg up on your competition and are able to consistently capture a greater market share.

How it Works
Sheffield Marketing will consult with your company and offer marketing strategies that can increase your company's web presence, traffic, conversions of visitors into customers and your ROI. Through advanced visitor tracking, web analytics, and traffic monitoring, we can target visitors to specific pages to increase the likelihood of capturing visitors and turning them into clients, sales, or capture their information for future contact.

We offer pay per click management services designed to generate qualified traffic and help establish you as a recognized brand name in your industry.

What benefits can branding offer my business?

Corporate branding can offer your business a number of benefits. Developing a strong corporate brand strategy can help you to:

  • Differentiate your product from those of your competitors, making it more difficult for them to compete for your customers
  • Create and introduce new products or services more quickly because of the relationship and trust your customers already feel towards your brand
  • Attract a higher price because your brand is perceived to represent particular values that are superior to competing companies and are important to your customers
  • Communicate with your customers using consistent messages, therefore improving their effectiveness
  • Give some level of legal protection
  • Build a positive image for your business.
What benefits can it offer my customers?

In addition to the benefits corporate branding offers your company, there are benefits to your customers as well:

  • Convenience: When customers see your logo, they are able to quickly identify your products and/or services as trustworthy.
  • Reassurance: it reinforces their belief that they are making a good purchase and helps remove any uncertainty they may have had.
  • Time-saving: it saves them time when shopping because they spend less time deliberating.

To learn more about our branding services and how they can benefit your company, call us at 847.863.1441 or email us at inquiries@sheffield-marketing.com







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