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Landing Page Design Services

A landing page by definition is the URL a searcher is led to after clicking an organic or paid result. When searchers on the internet are looking for a specific product or service, they don't want to have to go to your homepage and search for the product or service they are looking for. That's why landing page web design is a very intricate part of your online marketing campaign.

Remember that surfers are impatient. If your site can't get its message or offer across in less that 5 seconds, your visitor just jumped ship and went to another site. You just lost a potential client. You need to give your visitors what they want with as little effort as possible on their part. Therefore, it is important to always keep your original objective (conversions) in mind, as well as to refer to the specific keywords and calls to action on your web site. These pages are called landing pages.

A great landing page design will feature compelling sales copy that is straight, to the point, and quickly grabs the attention of the visitor. It will engage the visitor and give him/her a good reason to stay on your site and learn more about your business. Many good landing page designs include something interactive, like a video, a survey or an offer for some kind of useful information free of charge in exchange for the visitor's email address. The idea is to create the best possible landing pages to make sure more of your visitors will stay on your website and convert into buyers.

Benefits of creating compelling landing pages:
  • Increase your website conversions
  • Reduce Costs
  • Give your web site more exposure
Why Choose Sheffield Marketing for your landing page design?

Sheffield Marketing understands how important landing page designs are to the visitor experience and to the success of your overall internet marketing campaign. This is where our services shine the brightest. We draw upon all areas of expertise to create a landing page that is going to generate the most traffic possible to your site. The course of action we take using all of our experts' skills such as copy writing, keyword research, calls to action and additional testing will allow our customers to see their web traffic and conversion rate catapult past their competition.

Now that you have seen the benefits of our services, call us at 847.863.1441 or email at inquiries@sheffield-marketing.com for more information.





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