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Local Search Engine Marketing

Recent survey data shows that one in four online searches is focused locally. This trend is continuing to grow, which means that optimizing your web site for people to find you locally is more important now than ever before. Attracting new customers to your business via local search optimization is fast becoming the most common way for potential customers seeking your products or services to find you.

In fact, local search is quickly overtaking the Yellow Pages as the preferred method for most people to find local businesses and services. By having a website with local information about your company, you dramatically increase the likelihood of reaching customers in your target geographical market. 
Market research conducted by ‘Kelsey Group-BisRate.com’ found that out of 3,887 online consumers surveyed on shopping and search-related topics:

  • More than 74% of survey respondents said that they had conducted local searches.
  • Among local search users, 27% of their total search behavior is for local information.
  • Approximately 45% of local searchers had buying intent.
  • As of 2009, the local search industry had surpassed the $3.4 billion mark and was expected to continue growing exponentially.
  • 20% of all searches among this population are local.
Benefits of Local Search Optimization:
  • Generating highly qualified leads
  • Increased online and offline sales
  • Expand your audience by narrowing your target
  • Cost-effective way of generating local targeted traffic to your website
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace
Why Choose Sheffield Marketing for Your Local Search Engine Optimization?

Sheffield Marketing’s local search marketing services target Yahoo Local, Google Local, and Bing Local search services to expose your company to the customers in your local market. We understand that ‘local’ may have different meanings for different businesses in many different industries. For example, a salon might target one particular geographical area so it can distribute online coupons and build their clientele. 

On the other hand, a vineyard in Napa Valley in Northern California may be looking to extend its base of regional buyers to Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. We help you determine what ‘local search’ means for your business and what geographical areas will be best for you to target. Once we’ve agreed on these, the next step is implementing your organic local search campaign.

Setting Up your Local SEO Campaign

The easiest way to localize your site is to include your targeted geographical areas in your title tags, content and links. For example, there is a greater chance that a Chicago based company like ‘Sheffield Marketing’ would achieve a higher rank when targeting the keyword term ‘Chicago search engine optimization’ than the far more competitive term ‘search engine optimization’.  The number of competing web pages for localized searches is often a fraction of what you will find for non-localized searches. 

This could be good news for your business, because when you target a local geographical area, it can often be much easier to bring your website to the top of the search results. The reality is that despite the overwhelming trend of potential customers going online to find local products and services, most local businesses have not yet developed an effective SEO strategy. This means you will have a leg up on most of your competition, because the search engines will position your site toward the top in their local search results, bringing your site more visitors and ultimately bringing your business more customers.

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