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Sheffield Marketing, Inc. pay per click management service ensures that your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable, building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive ROI.





Pay Per Click Expert In Chicago Pay Per Click Management Services

Let Us Help You Reach Your Target Audience Instantaneously With Adwords, Bing, LinkedIN & Facebook

A successful Pay per click marketing campaign is one of the quickest and most effective ways to promote your business online.

With Google Adwords campaigns, another factor that affects your cost per click is the quality score of your landing page. For example, if your page has a higher Google quality score than a competitor, it means Google finds your page more relevant to the targeted keyword phrase, and may give you a higher ranking even if your bid is lower. The PPC experts at Sheffield Marketing can help you achieve a better quality score, keeping your ad spend lower and increasing your profits.

Overall, PPC is not only a great strategy for instant targeted traffic to your site, it can also be a very powerful tool in gauging the effectiveness of keywords and keyword phrases being used. When you partner with Sheffield Marketing, we will research and determine the best keywords to use for a beneficial PPC campaign. The best part is, those keywords that produce the most conversions can be implemented into other areas of your site, giving you a built-in, low cost form of market research survey.

The time spent monitoring the placement of your most recent bid against that of your competitors using the same keyword is where Sheffield Marketing comes in. We will establish a prepaid budget for your predetermined PPC keywords and maintain your comfortable daily budget and rank.

Benefits of our Pay Per Click Marketing and Management Service

  • We will optimize your account to get maximum targeted traffic for minimum budget.
  • We will break up overly broad ad groups to increase your quality score
  • We will "peel and stick" poorly performing ad groups to boost CTR
  • We will add keyword variants such as misspellings, singular/plural, and broad & precision match to expand your targeted reach
  • We will create compelling and persuasive headlines, descriptions, and URLs that attract and ultimately convert targeted traffic
  • We will manage and maintain your PPC campaigns for an excellent return on investment.

Your dedicated account manager will:

  • Ensure that proper tracking methods are implemented to allow for accurate campaign management and measuring success
  • Perform extensive keyword research to identify the right keywords for your target market
  • Analyze and tailor your ad copy to drive targeted, qualified visitors to your website
  • Determine the best campaign structure to ensure that your ads reach your target market and to increase your keywords' quality scores
  • Maximize opportunities for conversion by examining and enhancing key landing pages and contact forms
  • Work with you to identify performance goals and key metrics for tracking success
  • Perform continuous campaign analysis and testing to ensure optimal performance and lowest possible ad spend

How Much Does Pay Per Click Cost?

The cost of a pay per click campaign is comprised of:

  • One time set up fee between $300 - $1000
  • Monthly Management Fee between $250 - $10,000 a month
  • Customer's Keyword Budget For PPC Campaign

The cost of a pay per click campaign depends on:

Competition - How many web sites are competing for your keywords? The more competition the more expensive the keywords will be to purchase, therefore a bigger keyword budget may be required.
Keyword popularity - How many people search for the keyword you are targeting. The more popular the keyword the more budget you will need to assign to the campaign.
Number of keywords - The more keywords you are targeting the greater the budget you will need to assign to the campaign.

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