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SEO Copywriting Services

Having Keyword Rich Content is King!

One of the most important components of search engine optimization and marketing is the writing and development of content for your website. When writing copy for SEO purposes, do not spam your pages with keywords. Remember, we're not writing for the search engine, we are writing for the visitors (your potential customers). The content should focus on describing your specific industry, product, or service in a way that will appeal to these visitors. Content should be written by interweaving your targeted keyword phrases naturally into the web copy, so it makes sense to the reader and at the same time is attractive to the search engines.

At Sheffield Marketing, our writers are ahead of the curve. We understand not only how to naturally integrate targeted keyword phrases into your web copy, but also how to use related theme words and phrases to show the search engine spiders that your page truly is relevant to your keyword phrases and industry. This process is known as LSI theming, and it fully optimizes your web pages in a way that reads naturally to your visitors, giving you the best chance to rank higher and gain more targeted traffic to your site.

Benefits of having customer and search engine rich content:

  • Your website will rank higher for targeted keywords and phrases 
  • Increased online traffic to your website
  • Keyword rich content will bring inbound links from visitors

Why choose Sheffield Marketing to write your content?

Sheffield Marketing takes a strategic approach to developing new content or redesigning the old content of your existing web site. If you are looking for keyword enriched and relevant copy for the search engines, then Sheffield Marketing has the resources you need. Like everything else we do, the job of our SEO copywriters is to generate sales for you! We have an amazing staff of in-house writers, as well as a Rolodex of established content authors-each of them experts in their respective industries.

For more information about how our SEO writing services can enhance the success of your overall search engine optimization strategy, call us at 847.863.1441, or email us at inquiries@sheffield-marketing.com




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