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Video Marketing Services

Drive More Targeted Visitors to Your Website! 

When businesses think about driving search engine traffic to their website, they often overlook one of the largest search engines out there, YouTube. That's right. YouTube (a subsidiary of Google) is actually the second largest search engine on the internet, accounting for 25% of all Google searches. This makes it far bigger than Yahoo or Bing.

As internet connections become faster and it becomes more affordable for most users to have high-speed connections, video is becoming more and more popular. As a result, YouTube is becoming the 'go to' place for internet users searching for information on virtually any topic. Many people find it much more pleasant to watch a five minute video on how to install carpeting for example than to read an article about it. With the growing popularity of sites like YouTube, online video marketing offers businesses a powerful medium to get their corporate brand out there drive more targeted traffic back to their website.

Advantages of Video Advertising/Marketing:

  • Content is easier to consume than reading an article
  • Appeals to the emotions and senses of viewers
  • Positions you as an authority in your market
  • Develops your corporate brand
  • Brings video traffic back to your website

One of the best parts about videos is that they help you engage your viewers and prepare them to become paying customers. This brings you more buyers, increasing your profit and making the business more successful.

Sometimes, if a video is compelling enough, it will go 'viral', meaning it will spread through the internet by word of mouth. When this happens, one video can end up being viewed by thousands of people, giving your business incredible exposure.

Why Choose Sheffield for Video Marketing?

Sheffield Marketing has experienced experts that know all the ins and outs of developing an effective video marketing campaign. We understand that each individual business is unique, and we will guide you by developing and implementing a custom strategy to reach your target market through video.

For more information on how an online video marketing campaign can help your business, give us a call at 847.863.1441 or email us at inquiries@sheffield-marketing.com


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