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Web Analytics Consultant Web Analytics Consulting

Need A Web Analytics Consultant To Help You Understand Your Website's Benchmarks?

What is the point of tracking web site metrics if you and your company do not make use of them? Analyze....Test....Refine. Time and time again search engine optimization & pay per click strategies are set up for client's, but they forget to implement one missing part of their campaigns. A monumental element to their campaigns. Web Analytics! Analyzing, Testing and Refining is the focus Sheffield Marketing puts on when managing client's search engine marketing campaigns.

Wondering what you get from this web analytics consulant? All reports are formatted for business and marketing managers. They are not the cryptic log files that are typically used by IT managers. The data that we provide to you includes:

  • Page Views (by Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year)
  • Unique Visitors (by Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year)
  • Traffic Origination
  • Keywords Used by Search Engine
  • Frequented Pages
  • Visitor Information (Including Web Browser, Operating System, Country and Language)
  • Traffic by Time of Day
  • Navigation Paths

Benefits of Web Site Analytics Consulting

  • Measuring and maximizing ROI
  • Better Target Your Marketing Efforts
  • Optimize Conversions
  • Pinpoint Online Revenue-Enhancing Opportunities
  • Helps Monitor Your Visitors and Users
  • Assists with Re-optimizing Your Website

What is your web site trying to measure? Now that you have seen the benefits of our services call us at 847.863.1441 or email at inquiries@sheffield-marketing.com for more information.



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